our roots

The pizza company that would many years later become Roberto's Pizza was started by the Crilly family in 2000. They created the frozen pizza line to accompany their already famous deli sandwich line. The pizzas quickly gained a following, especially for their breakfast option. The Crilly family continued to grow the pizza company gathering more customers as the years went by.

In the Fall of 2014 I decided to purchase the company from the Crilly family because of their quality pizzas and their unwavering dedication to their craft and dedication to their loyal customers. As months went by I decided to improve upon an already good pizza and make it great. The pizzas were already one of the best frozen pizzas on the market but my relentless pursuit of making the best frozen pizzas available left me hungry. This was achieved by improving the quality and quantity of ingredients. The first step was using a fresh tomato puree rather than a cooked and canned tomato sauce like the vast majority of other frozen pizza makers do. From there it was using quality meats and vegetables such as tri-colored bell peppers and whole muscle seasoned sausage. To top it all off, using 100% mozzarella shredded in-house right off the block. This is how Roberto's Pizza was born!

Pigasus Pizza Box has been created to help get these beloved pizzas to more people. With a small business with limited distribution and people's growing desire for quality foods, adding an online monthly subscription was the only logical next step. We are extremely excited for you to have our pizzas, and we hope you are too!

SERVING THOSE SERVING is what we are all about. Serving Those Serving works like this. When you purchase your Pigasus Pizza Box subscription, upon clicking on the "Donate" button, you will be given the option to donate extra money to help us pay to have pizzas sent to those we love in our armed forces. The donated proceeds will help cover shipping costs and a portion of the pizzas themselves. It is a small way all of us can say, "Thank you" to those keeping us safe.