It all started when...

One sunny Sunday afternoon my life long friend Mitch and I were sitting on his patio drinking rum on the rocks while our dogs ran and played together in the yard. Mitch served in our armed forces and did six tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He moved back home a few years ago and it was great having him around again.

I was in the early stages of developing Pigasus Pizza and Mitch from the very first time I brought the idea up to him has been a tremendous resource helping me put this all together. I told him I was very passionate about doing good somehow with this company.  He told me a story about when he was stationed over-seas he had a buddy whom he was stationed with who was from Massachusetts. There was an apple he always enjoyed back home and especially missed it being away. His family sent him a bushel of apples from home. Mitch said that it was the best apple he ever ate! Him telling me this story had a point that I caught on to right away. He said he would have loved nothing more than to have pizzas sent to him. This is were our "Serving Those Serving" idea came from! Men and women of our armed forces are stationed everywhere both domestically and internationally. They put their lives on the line everyday. We want to try and thank them for it.

Serving Those Serving works like this. When you purchase your Pigasus Pizza Box subscription, upon clicking on the "Donate" button, you will be given the option to donate extra money to help us pay to have pizzas sent to those we love in our armed forces. The donated proceeds will help cover shipping costs and a portion of the pizzas themselves. It is a small way all of us can say, "Thank you" to those keeping us safe.